Choctopus Chocolate Making Kit
Choctopus Chocolate Making Kit

Choctopus Chocolate Making Kit

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Make your own chocolate octopus…or …ChocTopus!! (See what we did there? 😉) In your very own home! 

Our Choctopus is called Charlie…but he’ll taste delicious whatever you call him! 

Gift…activity…and chocolate! So triple treat all in 1 box! 

Buy a few for a family activity, or even as your own little Chockle’Arty Party! 

Our new and improved kits include:

Full and simple to follow instructions 

Belgian chocolate buttons 

Selection of sweets 

Stencil to use as a template and then to colour in later  

Lolly stick to help with the fiddly bits! 

Activity sheet filled with puzzles and colouring to do while you wait sooooo patiently (til after tea time maybe??) for it to set! 

(It only takes about 10 minutes to set once done and left in a cool place…but you can have it ready anytime you like! 😂😉) 





Not suitable for vegetarians 

For vegan options visit our website or message us